SAP User Adoption

When you implement a new SAP system, end users face big changes in the way they do their jobs. Employees in diverse roles and locations must understand a new system and new business processes.

Why a User Adoption Plan?

To realize the benefits of the implementation, you need a comprehensive User Adoption Plan to help you:

  • Raise awareness of the change and the reasons behind it
  • Encourage employee engagement
  • Provide training and support to enable employees to succeed
  • Enable people to integrate new processes on the job, with measurable results

What's in a User Adoption Plan?

Intelligo's User Adoption Plan provides a roadmap for engaging end users and providing a solution that leads to measurable success. It includes:

  • A detailed role-mapping matrix that maps user roles to system tasks
  • The modes of training for each role (e-learning, classroom or a blend of both)
  • An analysis of your training and support infrastructure and tools, including SAP Workforce Performance Builder (WPB)
  • Key areas of change, critical operational areas, and employee communication recommendations
  • A global model approach for international implementations, with localizations and language requirements
  • Operational goals and metrics to measure success

Successful User Adoption Leads to Operational Success

Intelligo's User Adoption Plan includes an overall project plan, and the details that allow you to make informed decisions on the scope, timeline, and staffing for each task in the plan.

Contact us to find out how Intelligo's User Adoption Plan enables change and delivers long-term success.