New Features in Workforce Performance Builder 9.4

Among an array of exciting new features in SAP's new release of Workforce Performance Builder (WPB) are Cloud access and two new learning modes, Guided Presentation and Free Presentation:

  • Cloud access allows organizations for the first time to use Manager, Producer and Instant Producer as cloud-based applications.
  • Guided Presentation plays the recording like a simulation and executes the actions automatically. Each action has to be confirmed by the user while no bubbles are displayed and the control bar is hidden.
  • Free Presentation mode expects the presenter to walk through the simulation in the same way as the live application. In this mode, input fields are filled out automatically, no bubbles are displayed and the control bar is hidden.

The new playback modes make it easy for a trainer to run the playback on a projector or webinar to demonstrate the steps. These modes are also useful for "product demos" of "live" software, when in fact there is no live software running. It makes the simulation look just like you are running the transaction in the live software.

Some other notable new features include:

  • Adding shadows and improved gradients to objects like bubbles
  • Translating PowerPoint speaker notes into text-to-speech automatically when doing a PowerPoint import
  • Interactions for entry and exit, gaming action types
  • Text styles based on specific bubble design
  • Ability to add or delete steps from the Preview window when using Re-record
  • Improved zoom for mobile devices

Additionally, Instant Producer authors can now select any Word output document format they wish to use and a new "Hands On" document format is available to Producer and Instant Producer users. The "Hands-On" document explains a process with the focus on the screenshots, similar to the existing Process Guide format. It provides a two-column format that displays the following:

  • Explanation – Text contained in bubbles and explanations
  • Screenshot – Images of screen macro

Finally, in the new release, authors can now capture an additional action macro for mouse wheel movement and use the new Quick Record option, which allows a project to be recorded quickly without object recognition. The new Quick Record option lets subject matter experts record more quickly with minimum latency (delay), because the Recorder is not using object recognition or a Recording Profile to capture the recording. Only screenshots are captured with bubble text. Be aware that since context is not captured with Quick Record, the recordings can only be used for training and demonstrations, NOT for in-application support (context-sensitive help) or in Navigator.

These are just some of the enhancements that SAP has made to its powerful Workforce Performance Builder suite. Intelligo can train your team on Workforce Performance Builder and help you develop and deliver effective eLearning solutions!


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