Intelligo Consultants Obtain SAP Certification in WPB 9.2!

Some Intelligo consultants recently got the chance to attend the first SAP consultant certification workshop for Workforce Performance Builder 9.2, thanks to our partnership with Infor, an OEM partner of SAP which licenses Workforce Performance Builder as "Learning Accelerator." Thank you, Infor, for giving us this terrific opportunity!
We had a busy week of learning. The workshop was 7 days of intensive instruction on the latest release of Workforce Performance Builder, packed into 5 days, held at SAP's training facility in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, west of Philadelphia. The workshop discussed everything from basic development and recording to the most advanced implementation concepts of Producer, Instant Producer, Manager, and a new tool, Navigator.
This workshop allowed Intelligo to become experts in the latest SAP e-learning technology. Let Intelligo show you the best practices and new features of Workforce Performance Builder/Learning Accelerator today!

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