Oracle Training Development

Maximum efficiency in every employee requires efficient training development. Intelligo works with your Subject Matter Experts to customize a training solution and maximize employee efficiency.

Client-specific training produces trainees who embrace effective methods of learning your business software. This team effort begins with Intelligo Training Solutions and ends with a maximum return on your investment in employees:

  • Ensure a proper flow from training planning, to conducting training, and finally to end user support upon system activation
  • Develop and implement a Change Management Plan and coordinate with Change Management
  • Develop and deploy prototype using the standards & templates
  • Provide documentation and training that mirrors your system processes. Intelligo provides:
    • Course descriptions to help managers assign courses and trainees to understand the purpose of each course
    • Training documentation from manuals to exercises and job aid references
    • Assessments
    • Links to LMS and company intranet portals
  • Determine review and approval process
  • Provide the most efficient combination of end-user training for your company:
    • Intelligo instructor-led training
    • Assistance to company in-house trainers
    • Web based training with tools such as Oracle User Productivity Kit
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