The latest version of SAP's Workforce Performance Builder suite (also marketed as Infor'/Lawson Learning Accelerator) is version 9.2.2. Up to now, WPB had three components: 

Intelligo returned to an international energy company in September 2013 to train 16 additional developers. During the UPK training sessions, instructors and students worked together to develop effective solutions for the company’s unique training needs. For example, the Intelligo instructors showed new developers how to integrate pictures with detailed examples to develop web-based training for employees in the field.

Recently, Intelligo assisted with the upgrade UPK for an international agricultural company. Intelligo personnel worked with the company to troubleshoot errors received during the upgrade.

Are you learning Oracle's powerful User Productivity Kit (UPK) software for the first time, or are you an experienced UPK developer who wants to develop more rapidly while making your e-learning and support materials more effective? If so, this book is for you.

As instructional designers with 8 years' experience using UPK, Intelligo's instructors know how to use UPK to develop compelling single-source training and support simulations as well as job aids, training guides and scripts. We've put this knowledge and experience into this book.