Infor Training Development

One size doesn't fit all when it comes to training. It takes customized training to support your new business and system processes. Our training developers work with your team to develop a cost-effective training program that delivers maximum results.

If you began with our User Adoption Plan, you already have the blueprint for effective role-based training. Now it's important to execute on that plan. Working with our training developers, you'll see:

  • Rapid development of role-based e-learning and classroom materials, using EPAK or Learning Accelerator.
  • Effective training project management to track development, quality and deliverables.
  • Training for your team to develop test scripts that can be leveraged into e-learning.
  • Overviews and business process information to provide big picture understanding.
  • Inclusion of rich media to enhance engagement and understanding.
  • Targeted assessments to measure training effectiveness.
  • Integration with Knowledge Center, Manager, or your LMS.
  • In-application support for support after go-live.

Intelligo brings a toolkit to our e-learning projects, along with a training project manager and developers with deep experience in e-learning development to support Infor implementations. We do effective remote development as well, to keep costs down.

Depending on your needs, we co-develop with your team or roll out a customized training program rapidly with our training development team. We'll work with you to deliver customized training that gives you the maximum results for your training dollars.

Contact us to learn how we can help you develop a winning training program.