Enterprise Training Solutions

Intelligo provides effective end-user training solutions and change management assistance for companies implementing Oracle, Infor, and SAP ERP systems.

We provide:

  • User Adoption and Change Management
  • Training Materials Development
  • E-learning Solutions
  • Training Delivery
While systems enable change, people make it happen.
Let us put our experience to work for you!

Oracle Training Solutions

A steady focus on planning places your training goals on target for your Oracle implementation and to your bottom line. Your goal of a positive ROI begins with...

Infor Training Solutions

Discover the components of successful ERP training and eLearning, which fit together to create seamless training solutions for employees. Intelligo integrates...

SAP Training Solutions

The time is now to properly plan and deploy a training solution that relates your end-user training with your SAP implementation, which directly affects your bottom...

User Productivity Kit

Does your team need Oracle User Productivity Kit training or help planning and developing e-learning to support your Oracle implementation? We have deep experience...

Learning Accelerator

Effective, timely training uses your own employees as the developers of your e-learning content. Your employees know your organization and its business processes...

Workforce Performance Builder

As business systems and processes become more complex, your employees must be proficient in many business processes and multiple systems that keep your...




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